Embrace the Chaos

The design of a marketing strategy for any product, brand or media release must address the online world of the target audience. Simply applying the traditional techniques of the real world in the digital world doesn't work and wastes the huge potential to be gained by addressing your audience in a new way. Alternate Reality Games and online experience marketing when done correctly create a powerful connection between the audience and you. That connection translates into product sales, brand recognition, an organized, knowledgeable online community and a lasting internet buzz about your product.

In this seminar, leading developers will teach you what an Alternate Reality Game is, why you should use them and how to make them. Specific sections will address design for marketing media and design for marketing products. Our experts will explain how to measure the ROI and the effectiveness of a campaign. You will learn what not to do and how to manage risk. Specific questions will be answered after each session. The final session will offer you a chance to present a "one-minute case study" to our experts for their advice.

Unfiction is the leading resource for players, your target audience. Unfiction is an independent and self-sustaining community. All proceeds from this seminar go to fund the community forum. Each of our expert speakers has generously donated their time to help us. Because we are all volunteers, we are able to charge a fraction of what any commercial, and less knowledgeable, group would charge for this conference.

To create a connection, you must embrace the chaos of the internet. This seminar will teach you how.


How you will Benefit:

Embrace the Chaos is intended to ARM producers, creatives and theorists in advertising, media and game design with practical tools for advancing projects in their organization, including:

  • How to communicate about experimental projects like ARGs within your organization
  • How media creators from television, film, publishing and game design expanded narrative universes online and why
  • How product and service marketers and brand advertisers are using immersive experiences to produce results
  • Concrete methods for setting goals, measuring results and justifying those results to stakeholders
  • Developing risk plans to build confidence in uncertainty

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